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This kept my complete interest throughout. The style is fantastic and I love the sudden and complete change of mood. This definitely belongs up there in the top 10.

Haven't seen something this good in a while

The animation was excellent, the drawings were great (cartoony and in YOUR OWN style :D), and it was just funny as hell. I hope this stays where it is score-wise. Great job!

Favorite line: "I am NOT a filthy human! I bathe regularly!"

The last from LiveCorpse...

I'm judging this from a very objective standpoint. I'm not going to fifen this just because Adam died. Anyhoo, here's my comments: It was a decently animated, short, violent movie, but nothing spectacular. I also found it to be INCREDIBLY ironic...

Krinkels, another amazing job!

Krinkels wows the NG community with another amazing Madness Flash. The animation has improved significantly over the whole series, but this is amazing. It's a fast-paced, full-action gorefest, and I couldn't love it more. Violence turns to tragedt and turns to comedy with a reference to a Madness classic. This well deserves 10's accross the board. I'm amazed. To whoever's mindlessly reading this review, WATCH MADNESS APOTHEOSIS!


You should have went farther with the movie. It was actually quite entertaining. You have a decent animation style. Keep it up.

I don't know how, I don't know why,

BUT I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! It is so random and pointless, but I was in stitches. Maybe I'm going overboard with a 9, but how about you try and watch this without laughing!

He thinks he's so cool cause he has a hat...

Funny stuff!


That was truly impressive. I love the entire "Madness" series, but this is by far the best. Definitely #1-worthy (and it looks like it'll be there based on the score it has now). Superb animation, exquisetly detailed weapon graphics, and a truckload of dead bodies (the count: 90) make this score a perfect 10! Krinkels, another job well done!


That preloader is f***in amazing...

Great job with EVERYTHING in there. That was excellent.

Funniest... Parody... Ever

That is one of the funnies things I have ever seen! Great job Knox, ToxicBomb, and nseal!

Knox responds:

all 3,woo!

Oh hai.

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