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This kept my complete interest throughout. The style is fantastic and I love the sudden and complete change of mood. This definitely belongs up there in the top 10.

Haven't seen something this good in a while

The animation was excellent, the drawings were great (cartoony and in YOUR OWN style :D), and it was just funny as hell. I hope this stays where it is score-wise. Great job!

Favorite line: "I am NOT a filthy human! I bathe regularly!"

The last from LiveCorpse...

I'm judging this from a very objective standpoint. I'm not going to fifen this just because Adam died. Anyhoo, here's my comments: It was a decently animated, short, violent movie, but nothing spectacular. I also found it to be INCREDIBLY ironic...

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Oh Emm Gee...

Why this isn't number one I have NO idea. The concept is fun and original. Just an amazing game...

Nothing else is more deserving of all 10's.

Tom and Synj, you've done it again. The gameplay was zany and fun. Combos and special moves were fun to find and the throwable objects and people (as well as the cars) enhanced the experience that much more. A classic, fun, beat-the-fuck-out-of-everybody game. Beating up the familiar characters made it that much better. Personally, I took my stress out on illwill. Much kudos to Dustball on the music. It fit the game very well and the musical transitions were very well made.

Prior to starting this game up, I opened up the task manager and ended pretty much everything that wasn't necessary for computer function, just so I could run it fast on this hunk of crap computer.

Yet again, kudos on the game. Tom, it's great to see that you still work heavily in Flash being that you're working extensively on your console games. Don't ever forget your roots ;)

I'm not being an ass-kisser. This is one fucking hell of a game :D

This took you a month?

Piss-poor graphics, totally unfunny, and totally unoriginal. This has been done many more times, most of them being much better. Fail.

Ash-link responds:

I am still here with a movie that barely passed? you called that fail? you tit!

Oh hai.

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